I go back to school tomorrow. ;u; //dies// I still have a little bit of social studies to get done, but I dont have social studies tomorrow so I dont have to do it all tonight, which is good. uvu

still havent finished UnWholly, and if I dont get it done tonight Im probably going to have to bring the next book to school with me, because theres only like four pages left of UnWholly and Ill have it finished before were done reading. ^^; 

Ill have to bring the next book with me anyway, though. xD -shot- If I finish UnWholly tonight Ill only have the other book to bring with me, and if I dont finish UnWholly Ill have to bring both, aha. ewe

Anyway, its after ten PM, so I have to get off for tonight. owo

Ill be on tomorrow! X3

Good night guys! :D